Those of you who have read Paul Cudby’s singular book about his explorations as a Christian Priest into contemporary Paganism, may remember the significant impact of our Pagan friends down in Cornwall on his studies. This album is rooted in that time.

Ruth, was one of those new friends we made, and I was so taken by her songs that we agreed to put them together into an album, something she had been considering doing for a while. It has taken us a long time to bring this project to completion for various reasons, but we are now happy and proud to offer this harvest of our talents and time.



The debut album from CroneHeart

  1. 1 Croneheart CroneHeart 0:40
  2. 2 Lady Of the White Moon CroneHeart 0:40
  3. 3 Raven Song CroneHeart 0:45
  4. 4 Elements CroneHeart 0:45
  5. 5 Moon Mother CroneHeart 0:43
  6. 6 Hecate's Breath CroneHeart 0:43
  7. 7 Full Moon Woman CroneHeart 0:39
  8. 8 Wild Woman CroneHeart 0:40
  9. 9 Deep Down Crone CroneHeart 0:18
  10. 10 The Crow & The Crone CroneHeart 0:43
  11. 11 Sister Of The Red Thread CroneHeart 0:43
  12. 12 Beautiful Goddess CroneHeart 0:45


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