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Stations Of The Cross

Easter Music 2018 - The Stations Of The Cross

An Easter Special

A collection of images covering the 14 Stations of the Cross.

  • Part I: Stations 1 - 12.  "Via Dolorosa", from nChant's 2009 album, "On The Breeze Of The World".
  • Part 2: Station 13. "Pieta:Flesh of My Flesh" from nChant's 2004 album, "Tears Of Earth".
  • Part 3: Station 14. "In The Garden', from the 2014 album/songbook, "The Song Of The Wheel". Includes the Easter Sunday morning reveal to Mary Magdalene.

These videos are intended as a meditative tool on the events of Holy Week. Whatever you believe about the historicity or 'mythstoricity' of these events, or the various theologies about what they accomplished, we hope you find them helpful. Spring's cycles of death and rebirth are all around.

Further details are included in the video information, and all available artist details will be included in the ending credits of each video.

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